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About us

    Our company, leading as a manufacturer of Light Construction Machines is located in Ostim Organized Industrial Zone in Ankara, capital of Turkey.
    Ademsan Machinery provides sales, assembly,

Technical Service

    We know that it is important to supply professional and qualified technical service besides producing qualified machinery. Our technical service, developed by this consciousness, has been


Ege Plaza Ankara 

One of the most prestigous and spectacular buildings', Ege Plaza Ankara, AST 70 model telescopic jibbed façade cleaning system has been assembled at site and handed over .

Building height is 100m. As per the signutures of the contract , within 90 days period the system was manufactured and assembled.   We find the honor to thank you and showour respect to Ege Plaza Project Manager, Mr  Mr Tolga and Mr Noyan  whom is the Purchasing Director.Purch on this journey, 


 The assembly of   AST 45 Model Façade Cleaning System Turgut Ozal Traning and Resarch Hospital   building of Malatya University has been completed. 

For the mentoned building double rail of 520 m as been assembled. The façade cleaning system has a 4,5 m jib lenght. 

Building height is 75m . Due to the fact that there was no crane at site, the parts of the façade cleaning system and the rails were raised by a custom  made crane designed and manufactured by Ademsan. 


Istanbul Tower Bayrampasa Project has been completed.

Istanbul Tower, built by Keles Constructon Company, monorail façade cleaning system has been desgned accordngly and assembled as per the building. 

Building height is 75m and a total lenght of 120 m, AST 30 Model Monorail façade clenaing system has been assembled and handed over. 


 Kanoo Tower Kingdom of Bahrain Façade Cleaning System, an AST 70 model with 30 m jib lenght ,  assembly has been completed. The total weight of the system is 34000g. 

Machine is fixed on slab where it  has be the ability to rotate 360 degrees in its own axis.

 The façade of the  110 m high building  can be cleaned and maintained by this system. 


 Ademsan Machinery has completed the manufactuing of the façade cleaning system and for K?rsheir Makissos Hotel and assembled the system.
The machine has a jib lenght of  telescopic 30 m.  
This is the longest jibbed systems in Turkey so far. 
Machine jib has been manufactured by speacial veldox steel machine. 

   Ademsan Machinery has completed and the assembly of the system was performed by the contractor. 
     18 m telescopic jib emables the system to reach all the façade areas of the building. Connection between the platforn and the machine is designed to be by wireless system.  

Zone Tower Maslak Façade Cleaning completed and handed over. 
Zone Tower Maslak building's,which has been constructed by Panoroma Real Estate, monorail type façade cleaning system was installed. 
 Two monorail systems were installed both on 72.54 and 35.24 levels with a total of 225 m rails. Brackets holding the monorailpart has been designed specially at a lenght of 2.5 m 

Medicine Pharmacy General Directorate buildings' façade cleaning system has been handed over. 
The Façade Cleaning System for the Medicine Pharmacy and General Directorate ,founded in the region of Sogutozu / Ankara , has been manufactured and handed over in the last days of 2010. The Façade Cleaning System is a monorail system and the 1,5 m lenght brackets are used to anchored to the  3m distance monorail. 

In total the lenght of the monorail is 116m . 

AST 10 Working Platform is used with the system 

 Façade Cleaning Systems for the new building of 'Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock' has been handed over.
The new buildings construction was completed by Uzunlar Constructinon Corp. 2 units of 12 m jibbed lenght façade cleaning system was assembled at site and handed over. 
 For the two block , A and B , each having a 12 m jibbed façade cleaning system with 184 m double rail. 

Platforms are especially designed to reach the inner eaves of  2,5 m. The platform has the capability to rotate in its own axis thus allowing easy reach to necessary areas. 

We find the gratitude to thank AS Teknik company owners;  Mr Ahmet and Mr.  Keramettin  for showing all the support 

 Façade Cleaning System for Takas Bank  General Directorate Istanbul has been completed,assembled and handed over. 

 Monorail System has been handed over for TRT Turkish Radio and Television General  Directorate  Ankara
Monorail System for the TRT Turkish Radio and Television General  Directorate  Ankara has been assembled and handed over . 
Total of 320 m rail has been assembled.  The assembley needed great care due to façade structure.  
 We would like to give our thanks to Mrs  Derya as she as shown fullsupport from beginning to end and also tahnk you to all personnel of TRT . 
The platfrom has been audited by the  Ankara Mechanical Enginners Office and acceptance was given. 

ERG Construction Corp. Façade Clenaing System has been handed over. 
Deriner Dam , Worlds 3rd  and Europes highest masted , façade cleanng system manufactured and handed over.
The system is used for the maintenance and construction  Deriner Dam whch is founded on the river of coruh. 

4 units of Façade Cleaning System has been handed over to the capital city of Sudan ; Hartum.  
 For 2 blocks a total of 4 unit of AST 40 model façade cleaning and maintenance system was manufactured and handed over during the year of 2009. 
 We would like to thank Mr Korhan for showing great support  during the assembly of the system. 

Façade Cleaning and Maintenance System for Antalya Dedeman Hotel  has been handed over.

Hotel founded at Lara Antalya road, its façade cleaning system has been assembled and handed over. 


Polat Renaissance Hotel's Façade Cleaning System has been completed and handed over. 
 Hotel  which is founded on the skirts of mountain Erzurum Palandöken 2 units of monorail façade cleaning system has been assembled  

Guide Railed Façade Cleaning and Maintenance System has been assembled on the Headquarters of Yolbulan Corp founded at Atasehir region in Istanbul. 

The building construction completed by Sanat Construction Company ; its façade cleaning  and maintenance system has been completed and assembled at side. 
All the fuctions of the system can be controlled via its control panel . The system is on guide rails attached to the contrete plint.

Ademsan Machinery has completed manufacturing and assembly of the façade cleaning system.

The façade cleaning and maintenance system is a moble system 

Yuceler Company Admisitrative Bulding's façade cleaning and maintenance system has been manufactured assembled and handed over. 

The system is in full operation from the year of 2008. 


 Façade Cleaning and Maintenance System for the Aga Centre at Azerbaycan has been completed, assembled and handed over.
For the sister country ( as we name Azerbaycan ) have manufactured the system with a 7,5 m jib lenght. 
For the system a total of 240 m rails were  built for the 7,5 jib lenght machine. Total weight of the system is 5000 kg. 
 We would like to thank you  and show our gratitude to Mr Ayd?n, President of Aga Group,  whom have supported us all through. 

 Social SecurityDirectorate  Façade Cleaning and Maintenace System has been completed and handed over. System was assembled to the PrimeMinstry Social Securiity Office at the K?z?lay region of Ankara.  

2 units of Façade Cleaning and Maintenance System has been completed and handed over. The project was constuctructed by Orkun Logistic and construction. The bulding is situtated at Beylikdüzü Istanbul. 

Façade Cleaning and Maintenance System has been completed and handed over.

5 Star Hotel constructon was completed by Para Maribo Ltd. founded at the capital city Norhern Cyprus,  Lefkosa .

Asist Construction whom places her signute to big projects like the one in Turkmenistan a 5 star CARDAK Hotel.  Its façade cleaning and maintenance systen has been completed assembled at site and handed over.

We would like to give our thank you to Mr Ersan and Mrs Oznur for their full support.  


Skyland Istanbul is a mixed project, inspired by the unique beauty of Istanbul. With its ever-growing and evolving surroundings, Skyland Istanbul project provides a unique life-saving opportunity thanks to its location and interior functions. The project is 500 m. From the airport, metro station. It is prepared to become an ever-moving center with an increase in the number of yachts that reach about 12 thousand people with its distance, bridges and main roads. As Ademsan company, production of 3 units of  AST 70 type açade cleaning and maintenance systems  manufacturing is an ongoing project and the soonest will be handed over. 


Architect Mrs. Esin Senman EKICI from Ronesans Company visited Ademsan Machinery;
Ademsan Machinery Celebrating 12th Anniversary gave a plaque to employees who have completed their 5 years in the company
Ademsan Machinery joined the Exhibition of Turkey Build Istanbul;
Ademsan Machinery was in Bauma Exhibition in Munich;
District Governor of Kazan Mr. Murat DURU wish a willings;