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    Rebar Steel Cutting Machines
    Rebar cutting machines are operated by hydraulic drive system. The machines are with wheels and can be pushed around the construction site easily . They are user friendly and easily maintained by the by the user.
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    Rebar Steel Bending Machines
    These machines are fixed-core hand-held machines that are used in mechanical bending and rebar bending operations. Via the means of electrical systems , the machines angles can be adjusted either manually or automatically.
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    Custom Made Manufacturings
    We design and manufacture the systems with knowning the importance of smooth workability . All the systems parts that are designed go thorough tests at the highest standard.
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    Suspended Scaffold
    Generally used for exterior cladding and maintenance operations. The platform consists of suspended mechenism and its wire ropes which are to the parapet or the countweight system founded on the terrace area.
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    Facade Cleaning Systems
    Facade cleaning systems are mainly used for cleaning the facades, but can also be used to replace facade elements and/or window elements. Upon request load cranes or also known as glass replacement units ( GRU) can be added to the system.
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    Leading the Iron Cutting Bending Cost sector with Facade Access Systems; By offering innovative products to the market, is to make the future.

    Always provide the best and quality machines to the service of the construction industry and provide solutions in the best time. To create the most efficient results for our customers, to move forward using innovative technologies in the construction industry.

    In addition to the standard machines, we produce special machines and special platforms according to customer demands. Most of the machines produced are exported to countries such as Europe, Middle East, North Africa and Turkic Republics. Ademsan Machinery; dynamic, young and expert technical staff, constantly improving itself, the large-capacity machine park serves.

    Ademsan Makine offers the highest quality solutions to the construction sector with its unconditional customer satisfaction, quality oriented working style. Ademsan Machinery, all the machinery and spare parts, raw material from the stage of the test until the moment of the test and checks and offers the service to its customers. National and international production in accordance with all necessary quality standards. All machines and spare parts are manufactured by CNC machine tools and are meticulously checked at every stage of production.


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