Ast15-02 Counterweight Suspension System


  • Wheeled suspension system composed of one suspension arm, which passes over the parapet to the façade, and a counterweight arm where weights are placed on the terrace floor of the building.
  • Counterwight suspension system is moved manually ny hand on the terrace level / floor.
    4 wheels founded underneath the system can be locked upon the desired point.
  • For this system to work effectively; floor surface should be flat and have the standard and quality to bear the systems’ weight.
  • Upon request the system is manufactured to have either a one person working platform or  two person
    Counterweights vary according to  suspension arms’ and counterweight arms’ dimensions.
  • Suspension arm types vary according to  height and dimesion of the buldings terrace dimensions and parapet height.
  • Manufacturing and assembly is in accordance within EN 1808 standards and norms.
AST15-02 Denge Agirlikli Cephe Temizlik Sistemleri