Rebar Steel Bending Machines

As Ademsan Machinery, we also have products in the category of Rebar Bending Machines. Our products of Rebar Bending Machines, which have different features for different thicknesses of iron, are machines that have high standards like our other products and are offered with a 2-year warranty period.

Our Rebar Bending Machines, which are designed and manufactured to be durable and that you can use for many years, are tools that you can use without any problems and easily. We can list the common features of our Rebar Bending Machines, which are produced with different features depending on different needs, as follows:

  • The gears used in the reducer system of the Rebar Bending Machines are made of forged steel and their strength against breakage and wear is increased.
  • OurRebar Bending Machines, which can be connected to a speed control unit, operate at high or low speeds.
  • All of the surfaces working in our Rebar Bending Machines (twisting drum, side slides or twist bushing apparatus) are hardened by heat treatment and their strength is increased in this way.
  • Our Rebar Bending Machinese models are produced as 380 and 220 volt electric machines.
  • The automation system of our Rebar Bending Machines models is selected from brands such as Siemens and Möller, which are accepted as high quality and reliable.
  • The Rebar Bending Machines we produce can bend manually or automatically, and can be operated in either the right or left direction, ie in both directions.

In short, our company Ademsan Machinery, which is among the leading names in the Facade Transportation Systems and Light construction machinery sector, is a company where you can benefit from its services safely when you need Rebar Bending Machines. When you want to contact our company, you can use the addresses or contact phone numbers we provide for the Merkez Ankara factory or Istanbul Office. Hundreds of our solution partners at home and abroad also help us with our activities, so they can be points where you can get help to benefit from our company’s services.

In addition to standard machines, our company, which produces special machines and special platforms (in line with customer demands), is in the position of a company that can provide suitable solutions for your projects and problems in many different subjects. If you contact us in your projects or other problems / studies, you can take advantage of our solutions prepared by our young and expert technical staff, supported by our investments, studies and large-capacity machine park.

Rebar Steel Bending Machines