Suspended Scaffold

Suspended scaffolding or electric suspended scaffolding can be described as exterior access systems with load-lifting feature. Our company, which is one of the leading companies in the Facade Transportation Systems and Light construction machinery sector, also includes electrical suspended scaffolds produced in accordance with the highest standards in its product range.

We can list the features of electric suspended scaffolds, which are one of our products that comply with the European EN 1808 standards and have CE conformity certificate, as follows:

  • Cladding, paint, plaster, repair and so on. They can be used for multi-purpose work.
  • Thanks to its practical installation and easy displacement features, they save time and labor.
  • Electric suspended scaffolds are divisible platforms and this distance can be adjusted between 1 – 6 meters according to the building facade.
  • The lifting speed of electric suspended scaffolds is 7 meters per minute.
  • Our electric suspended scaffold products, which are a walking system on a rope, provide infinite working distance thanks to these features.
  • Depending on your request, our company produces special work platforms suitable for your building and work plans.
  • Platforms are protected by engine brake and block stop brake system.
  • There is a second rope system for worker and platform safety.
  • In case of a power failure that may occur, they can manually go down.
  • Like all our products manufactured by our company and offered to your service, electric suspended scaffolds are guaranteed for 2 years.

Our electric suspended scaffolds, which allow you to carry your tools and employees vertically and enable easy exterior work in factories, home apartments or other high-rise buildings, can be shown as the best quality suspended scaffolds on the market. It is among our products produced thanks to the experiences and investments that our company has made in our country and in many countries of the world.

As Ademsan Machinery, to benefit from the opportunities provided by our young, expert and dynamic staff, as well as our large-capacity machine park and other investments we have made; Thanks to these opportunities, we continue to constantly improve ourselves and our products. When your needs arise in the fields of Facade Transportation Systems and Light construction machinery, you should prefer to contact us.