Ast25 Davit Arm Suspension System


  • Is a system with speacial high mast attached to suspension arms pedestals which are either anchored on the building terrace or on the inner parapet
  • System is prefered, when necessary, for the working platfrom to park on the terrace floor / level.
  • By means of two davit suspension arms, parapet or other overcoming obstacles are  cleared and the platfrom parked upon the terrace level / floor.
  • Steel pedestals (brackets), are anchored according to project and to the platform dimensions,   either on to the parapet or on the concrete
  • L type Davit Arms are used.
  • Davit Arms are fastened / fixed upon the pedestals (brackets) by the means of pims.
  • Davit Arm is manually moved from the pedestals by the means of plug and wear.
  • Anchored points of the steel pedestals , should bear the quality and the standarts of the systems’ weight.
  • Upon request the system is manufactured to have either a one person working platform or  two person.
  • Suspension arm height and dimensions differ in types in accordance with the parapet height and the buildings’ terrace dimendions.
  • Manufacturing and assembly is in accordance within EN 1808 standards and norms
Ast25 Davit Kol Askı Sistemli Cephe Temizlik Sistemi